Innovating On Your Own Terms

IBM Global Business Services, Innosight, and APQC’s research has shown the fallacy in the assumption that successful innovation will come simply by replicating the approach used by other successful innovators. A survey of 90 companies across multiple industries and 14 countries shows that the sourcing, shaping and implementation of ideas at innovative firms tends to conform to a small number of innovation archetypes, which represent … [ Read more ]

Best Practices in Creating a Strategic Finance Function

According to the results of a recent APQC study, finance organizations, no matter what their size, are still spending almost two-thirds of their time on transaction processing, to the detriment of more strategic functions such as decision support and management. The study concluded, in part, that the respondents who are able to spend the most time in these critical areas are able to do so … [ Read more ]

The Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative (OSBC) Database: Information Technology

The following pages list the standard measures and computed performance ratios that APQC captures for information technology functions and processes for its benchmark database. This overview shows more than 87 information technology measures. These measures coordinate with category 7.0 Manage Information Technology in the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF), the high-level enterprise model that allows organizations to see activities from a cross-industry viewpoint.

Leading Practices in Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

By moving from lagging practices to leading practices, organizations can plan their budgets faster and more effectively, resulting in better business outcomes. Based on APQC’s extensive benchmarking research, learn how best practice organizations take advantage of single-instance ERP, rolling forecasts, and activity-based management to improve their performance in financial planning.

APQC Process Classification Framework

When companies choose to benchmark against other organizations, they sometimes find that they run into nomenclature problems. The simple process of classifying activities causes confusion when two organizations don’t speak the same language and therefore cannot determine if they are indeed speaking about the same thing. APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF) is a detailed, process-driven system that provides numeric classification and makes it easier for … [ Read more ]

Measurement in the 21st Century

This article provides a closer look at how effective measurement systems are built, used, and altered to meet the challenges of a dynamic business environment. The key to marketplace success is finding the measurement framework that provides a balanced picture by designing measures that are important to the strategic objectives and actionable; linking those to important organizational systems; aligning measures top to bottom; monitoring measures; … [ Read more ]

APQC Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative research

Executives wanting to know how their organization’s performance stacks up in comparison with that of their industry peers and leading-edge organizations worldwide can access a valuable new resource. A group of large corporations, government organizations and consulting firms has joined forces with the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), a Houston-based nonprofit, to form the Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative. The organization will create and promote … [ Read more ]

Measurement for Knowledge Management

This white paper examines the different stages of KM implementations and metrics for evaluating an initiative’s progress. Introduces a “KM measurement bell curve” and offers case examples of organizations’ ongoing assessment techniques.

APQC – Best Practices

This page from the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) offers whitepapers, presentations, case studies, event, links and articles on the following topics: Benchmarking; Call Centers; Competitive Intelligence; Customer Relationships; Education Institutions/Organizations; Human Resources; Knowledge Management; Leadership; Measurement; New Product Development; Productivity and Quality; Sales and Marketing; Strategic Planning; Supply Chain; and Training. Some of the resources presented on this page require membership and … [ Read more ]

Benchmarking Competitive Intelligence

This presentation was given on June 9, 1999, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Trip Wyckoff, one of APQC’s information specialists. The presentation focused on best practices in competitive intelligence and ways to include solo librarians in the competitive intelligence activities of a company. While this speech was developed for librarians, anyone who is interested in gaining a basic understanding of competitive intelligence will find it useful. … [ Read more ]