Schools Improve Career Services for Part-time M.B.A. Students

Part-time M.B.A. students sometimes feel like second-class citizens. After all, they see their full-time counterparts participating in enriching extracurricular activities, interacting more with fellow students, alumni and professors, and receiving more extensive career and job-placement services.

But those feelings may be changing, at least in the area of career services. In response to pleas from part-timers — as well as requests from corporate recruiters — … [ Read more ]

Write a Thank-You Letter That Helps Clinch an Offer

No longer an exercise in etiquette the note you send interviewers after your meeting can reinforce your qualifications and position you as the top candidate. Here’s how to put it together.

Why Relying on Resumes Won’t Produce an Offer

Many candidates conduct job-search campaigns by sending out resumes. An executive recruiter explains why this tactic weakens their chances — and offers a new approach.

Skeptical Resume Reader Tells How He Really Thinks

This is an excellent article written by someone who screen many resumes. The author provides lots of useful advice about what annoys him in a resume and what he likes to see.

Editor’s Note: a highly recommended read.

Body-Language Tactics That Sway Interviewers

Posture, eye contact, and other nonverbal communication can speak volumes about your feelings and attitudes. Here’s how to impress hiring managers with mannerisms that project confidence and enthusiasm.

Executive M.B.A. Grads Decide to Look Elsewhere

Corporations are using tuition reimbursement for E.M.B.A. programs as a cost effective-way to help employees transition to a new job.

The Six Cardinal Rules of Resume Writing

Experts say put a little more vitae into your curriculum vitae.

The Keys to Team-Building

Poor team players? Here’s how to get employees to play well with others using the “GRIP” model.

The Top Business Schools – Career Journal

Career Journal of the _Wall Street Journal_ presents the results of its two-year long survey of corporate recruiters’ ratings of MBA programs from around the world. According to their survey, three smaller B-schools, Dartmouth’s Tuck School, Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Industrial Administration, and Yale University’s School of Management, were rated the top three, displacing the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and Harvard. In a … [ Read more ]