Angus Deaton

We economists specialize in what we do. So economists think we’re the gods of income; we tend to think about well-being in terms of income, and we don’t worry too much about the other things that contribute to well-being, such as health, education, or participating in a democratic society. […] When we think about well-being, we can’t just think about wealth. That’s one of the … [ Read more ]

John Timmerman, Stephen Shields

When it comes to human capital, it’s perplexing that companies will use far less sophisticated methods for selecting employees than they do for almost anything else. Companies will spend fortunes on facilities, technologies, and advertising, but they often have no idea what kind of employee is best able to deliver the brand promise.

Lose Your Just-Good-Enough Managers

You can’t build a great company by tolerating mediocre leaders. A Q&A with Raad Al-Saady, managing director at Abdul Latif Jameel.

What Your Performance Management System Needs Most

A company can have a world-class system in place—but it’s only as effective as the managers who implement it.

Leadership Is More Than the C-Suite

Given the dynamic nature of businesses and markets, one of the most complex and difficult challenges facing every enterprise is selecting, developing, and deploying leaders at all levels to meet current and future needs. To meet this challenge, businesses must understand the demands of leadership at different organizational levels and within different roles. Most successful enterprises require four distinct kinds of leaders.

Don’t Pamper Employees – Engage Them

Free lunches, foosball tables, and other perks don’t matter as much as your employees’ engagement levels.

You Don’t Know Where Your Company’s Going

Executives can’t take their businesses on a successful journey if they don’t know the destination—or how to get there.

Your Succession Plan Is a Bust

It’s probably just a replacement plan. Here’s how to create an effective succession plan — one that makes your company stronger. A Q&A with Randall Beck, Gallup Managing Partner and expert on succession planning.

Executives: Your Company Isn’t Attracting the Best Talent

A warning to senior executives of companies across industries: Your recruiters could be repelling your best job applicants. They’re providing the same recruiting messages to all candidates. But the reality is that not all applicants are looking for the same things. So companies must create distinct, targeted recruitment approaches for different profiles of applicants.

Why Strengths Matter in Training

Too many training and development efforts fall short because they don’t factor in employees’ talents

Building a Talent Machine

Companies that lead the world in growth have something in common: a relentless focus on talent. They are very intentional about this. The executives who lead these companies have created high-performing operating systems. The purpose of a talent machine is to name the right person as manager. As such, it is the silver bullet for organic growth. After reviewing some of the best work from … [ Read more ]

Do Consumers “Get” Your Brand?

It’s not enough for organizations to communicate a brand identity. They must align it externally in the marketplace and internally in the workplace.

The Truth About How We Think

We’re all prey to cognitive mistakes, says Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman. But knowing that can help you avoid them.

The Cost of Bad Project Management

Projects often fail because organizations put more emphasis on rational factors than on employees’ psychological engagement — and the cost to organizations is enormous.

Why Work-Life Balance Isn’t Balanced

It’s necessary, but not sufficient. Here’s why focusing on wellbeing makes more sense.

Are Your Managers Marking Their Territory?

How controlling and micromanaging supervisors build barriers between departments.

How to Bust Corporate Barriers

Fear in organizations creates bureaucracy. Here’s how to overcome both.

“Fidel,” Sam Mendes, and Phil Jackson

There are many things you can do to avoid failing as a manager. You can set clear expectations. You can highlight the underlying purpose of people’s work. You can correct people when they do something wrong. And you can praise people when they do something right. If you do all these things often and well, you will not fail as a manager.

However, neither will you … [ Read more ]

Ed O’Boyle

The connection between employee and customer has to be central to what every leader and every manager thinks about every single day. If they don’t think about that connection, they will either miss maximizing the employee or miss an opportunity with their customers. We often find that organizations are disconnected on those things, and the issue is usually alignment.

Jay Freeman

Most organizations are choking on performance data and have little understanding of what data are important (need to know) and what data are merely interesting (nice to know).

Many companies find it relatively easy to add new metrics to scorecards and dashboards, but few are good at weeding out metrics that are no longer relevant. The result is a bloated scorecard with more data points than … [ Read more ]