How to Get Beyond Talk of “Culture Change” and Make It Happen

Experts outline their roadmap for intentionally changing the culture of businesses, social networks, and beyond.

Chip Heath

It turns out that our brains are wired to critique situations. And so if we’ve got a global economic downturn and the salesforce has really been hit hard by this, we’ll tend to focus on the people that are doing the worst and try to coach them and help them out. What we don’t often do is look at the best people and steal their … [ Read more ]

Seven Myths of Corporate Governance

This paper examines seven commonly accepted myths about corporate governance. How can we expect managerial behavior and firm performance to improve, if practitioners continue to rely on myths rather than facts to guide their decisions?

Class Takeaways — The Human Factor

Five lessons in five minutes: Professor Szu-chi Huang on how humans make decisions and get motivated.

Baba Shiv

It is in the anticipation of success that success itself resides.

Baba Shiv

In the real world, there is no such thing as making the right decision. You make the decision and then make the decision right.

Baba Shiv

As a current and/or future organization leader, you have to be effective at two things among others day in and day out. You have to be effective at making decisions, but even more important, I would argue you have to be effective at shaping others’ decisions. And when we go about shaping others’ decisions, what do we often end up doing? We present rational arguments. … [ Read more ]

Class Takeaways: Crafting and Leading Strategy

How do you know whether you have a good strategy? That’s a trick question, says Stanford Graduate School of Business professor of organizational behavior Jesper Sørensen. In his class Crafting and Leading Strategy, Sørensen teaches that strategy is constantly evolving, and that leaders can use it effectively by constantly showing how daily tasks support a strategy.

Content: Multimedia Content | Author: Jesper Sørensen | Source: Stanford University | Subject: Strategy

Make Numbers Count: How to Translate Data for Your Audience

In this interview with podcast host Matt Abrahams, Chip Heath talks about ways that data and statistics can be used to illuminate — or obscure — our message.

Class Takeaways: The Frinky Science of the Human Mind

Five lessons in five minutes — how to build emotional connections that back up your decisions.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

If you have technical skills without influence skills, you’re not going to go anywhere cause you can’t get anything done. If you have influence skills without technical skills, you may go places but you’ll get the wrong things done. So you really need both.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Authenticity and the idea of authenticity basically gives people an excuse to not change, to not adapt. So, instead of being true to yourself, you need to be true to what other people around you need from you. This idea that you need to be authentic is insane.