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What does it take to keep MBA Depot up and running? A tremendous passion for continuous business learning, the ability to juggle many tasks simultaneously … and some generous and loyal members and sponsors. I run a lean (i.e., just me) and FREE (with plans to keep it that way) operation—but it nonetheless requires various resources to do so. So, please read on for some painless (really!) ways you can help.

  1. Advertise (or convince someone to advertise) on MBA Depot
    MBA Depot is supported financially primarily via an advertising model. While I also accept and encourage monetary donations (see below), why not first support the site financially with a win-win option? The audience of MBAs and managers makes for a very desirable demographic to target. So, if you are responsible for your company’s (or MBA program’s) advertising plans, please consider advertising with MBA Depot.
  2. Tell Others About MBA Depot
    Because MBA Depot uses an advertising model, it is important to get as many page views and newsletter subscribers as possible. Many users like you have been very helpful in spreading the word to your colleagues and many websites link to us. Still, I want even more people to know about the site and use it regularly. So, please encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to give us a visit. And if you participate in a newsgroup or listserv whose members would benefit from the site, please let them know about it as well.
  3. Purchase a copy of MBA Boost
    MBA Boost is a product that I originally created during my MBA days to serve as a review kit for typical “core” MBA courses in top U.S. MBA programs. It contains some great tools and information that isn’t available on MBA Depot. By purchasing MBA Boost you can enjoy the benefits it offers while also helping to support the work I do on this site!
  4. Make a financial contribution – any amount is appreciated
    If you appreciate the work I am doing on this site, feel free to show that appreciation with a donation.