The Manager’s Role in Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being and performance go hand in hand.

Gallup finds that workers who are thriving in all five elements of well-being (purpose, social, financial, community, physical) miss less work, have higher customer ratings, solve problems more readily and adapt to change more quickly than employees who are only thriving in one element. Employees with high well-being in all five elements also save their companies money in healthcare costs and turnover, being 81% less likely to seek out a new employer in the next year compared with adults who are only thriving in their physical well-being.

Gallup describes managers’ roles in employee well-being using four concrete, attainable pillars. Managers amplify well-being by creating an environment that empowers employees to manage their own well-being — not by serving as counselors or financial planners. Managers should be well-being conduits — garnering employee ownership and connecting well-being to employees’ firsthand experiences.

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