The Role Of The MBA Admissions Consultant Explained

An admissions consultant is a partner in your application campaigns. They will work with you to craft the best version of your story so the admissions committee will take notice. They get to know your academic, professional, and philanthropic background to create a storyboard that you are unable to piece together. Most importantly, they work side by side with you to help deliver applications on time, choose the best recommenders, and teach you how to be more confident in your qualifications. 

Not everyone uses an admissions consultant to apply for an MBA, nor should they. We’d love to tell you everyone should consider an admissions consultant, but it’s not necessarily the case. Our expertise and guidance are best utilized by a handful of applicant types, otherwise, admissions consultants may not add value to your admissions campaign.

Our admissions consultants have identified seven types of applicants that truly embody our best client types.

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