The first version of TransparentCareer was built as a class project for a Ruby on Rails programming class in 2016. Mitch, a student at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, wanted better data on what different companies paid MBAs, how happy they were, and ultimately how different choices would impact his career long-term. So he set out to build a better compensation and culture platform, and TransparentCareer was born.

When we released it to some friends and classmates, it took off immediately and within months became the largest source of MBA compensation and culture data in existence. After joining up with Kevin and winning first place in Booth’s accelerator (the New Venture Challenge), they set out to help people fight for fair pay and make more informed career decisions.

Just a year later, nearly half of all MBA students in the US use TransparentCareer for exactly this purpose and more. The next step on the journey? Building a more democratized, data-driven job matching platform so students can interact directly with their dream companies – no matter what school they attend.

REF: How We Started A Career Site Used By 50% Of Top MBAs

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