Want to Avoid a Firestone-like Fiasco? Try the M3 Concept

What do the Firestone Tire crisis, the Watergate scandal, Three-Mile Island, and most airline crashes have in common? Quite simply, it would have been almost impossible for each of these disasters to have occurred without a serious chain of unchecked errors leading up to the catastrophe. Whether it is a physical disaster, a political blunder or a serious corporate misstep, the ensuing investigation inevitably reveals that a unique set of errors combined and compounded to make the crisis front page news. The difference between organizations that are portrayed by the media in a negative light, those that are portrayed in a positive light and those that you never read about in the first place has much to do with the process of “managing multiple mistakes (M3).” Robert E. Mittelstaedt, Jr., vice dean and director of Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education, explains why the M3 concept is critical to every organization.

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  1. interesting article that’s seems like common sense though how I question whether their simplistic advice is really practically effective

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