Why Now’s the Perfect Time to Retool Your Hiring Process and Get Creative

Widespread “good enough” hiring processes aren’t always mindful of the candidate experience — and most importantly, may not lead you to extend an offer to the best person for the role. The advice that follows from Peoplism is to intentionally examine the pieces of your hiring cycle that are already in place (and perhaps even be able to trim down some steps in your current process). Their counsel also calls for some fresh thinking and unconventional tactics rather than just defaulting to the way things have always been done.

In this exclusive interview with the Peoplism co-founders, the duo covers some of the most common missteps they see from companies of all sizes that result in bad-fit hires and disadvantage underrepresented folks. They outline their exact hiring playbook, from crafting the job description to the application process and a practical exercise. Along the way, they share creative solutions that will have you rethinking the way hiring has always been done.

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