Your Startup’s Management Training Probably Sucks — Here’s How to Make it Better

At early-stage companies, where you’re still wrestling with product/market fit and building up the company foundation, management often falls to the back burner, leaving folks to generally figure it all out for themselves. However, many of the cracks that emerge as startups scale can be traced back to those missing managerial cornerstones.

One root cause? Manager training, which is largely ignored by startups as a BigCo bucket list item to be checked off later.

Many column inches have been devoted to tackling the thicket of challenges in front of a brand-new manager. But startups have been slow to catch up when it comes to implementing sound leadership training.

When you hear “manager training,” you may think of snooze-worthy PowerPoint presentations and awkward role-play exercises. In this exclusive interview, Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale offer an alternative approach, honed from teaching thousands of leaders how to be better bosses. They talk through the common mistakes they see startups make when it comes to manager training, and offer super-tactical advice for companies looking to get it right and make leadership training a priority early on.

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