Negotiating Skills: Success Tips

Six tips that will help you improve the outcomes of your negotiations.

Yearly Employee Evaluations and Rating Inflation

Many organizations annually inflate yearly employee evaluations. As a result, managers lose the ability to highlight top performance, or distinguish among outcomes and behaviors. In other words, they lose – or abdicate – the responsibility to manage and lead.

Are You A Leader? Part I: The Leadership Self Test

As today’s organizations become more and more lean, people in business are gaining a greater appreciation for the differences between a manager’s style of thinking and a leader’s style of thinking. If you’re curious about how much you think like a leader versus thinking like a manager, answer these fifteen True or False questions.

Becoming a Successful Mentor

We hear a lot about “business mentoring” as leaders, but much of what we hear sounds so fuzzy! Still, helping people learn and guiding their growth are critical to leadership development – no “leader” can be really successful without becoming a good business mentor.