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  1. Command, Leadership or Management? An Enigmatic Triad
    The purpose of this article is to analyze the so-called differences between Command, Leadership and Management (CLM), see whether these differences are a reality or are mere perceptions, and come out with a true understanding of these vital aspects of professional excellence. This may help professionals in understanding and practicing their roles creatively and effectively. Let us first analyze the debate on differences between Leadership … [ Read more ]

  2. Don’t Let That Speech Get the Better of You
    There are two types of presenters, those who are nervous before presenting and those who are liars. John Davies, looks at the fear of public speaking.

  3. Principles of Business War
    War can be any conflict or competition founded on divergent interests in which two or more opponents contest for achieving own objectives. This contest for conflicting interests can be as violent as a nuclear holocaust between two nuclear states or as benign as a contest between two street hawkers for getting more customers. While the military contest is traditionally known as a War, the business … [ Read more ]

  4. Measuring Up
    The fashion for business metrics has led to many advances. But "balanced scorecards" have their faults. Can we improve on the system?

  5. The Language of Leadership
    Great presentations tap into the needs and aspirations of the audience, and they all have the same objective, and that is to create a lasting memory of your presentation to ensure your product or service is at the forefront of people minds. From our understanding and learning of the great speeches and presentations, we are able to pick out six key concepts and easy to … [ Read more ]

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  1. Three Excel Functions Every New Recruit Should Know Intimately
    Regardless of what type of organisation you work for and what type of role you have, the ability to use Microsoft Excel well makes a huge difference to both the ease and proficiency with which you are able to perform. Excel mastery comes with months if not years of daily interaction that, admittedly, may not be the norm in many jobs. However, the 80-20 rule … [ Read more ]

  2. Business Book Summary Resources
    Book summaries can be a useful tool to time-starved souls who want to keep up with business thought, trends, concepts, etc. In the spirit of summarizing, here is a summary of the various book summary services along with some free resources.

    UPDATED December 2015

  3. What does an SEC 10K really tell you?
    The interpretation and evaluation of SEC filed 10K's and 10Q's is accomplished by Financial Analysis or Fundamental Analysis. The process chosen is based on the viewpoint and goals of the principal completing the analysis. The following is a review of the differences between Financial Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis that helps put into perspective their characteristics.

  4. The Case for MBAs in the Nonprofit Sector
    Only 6% of MBA graduates plan on pursuing careers in the social sector. What will it take to get more MBAs into the social sector? Is there even a demand for these types of hires? This article describes the success that two organizations have found in hiring MBAs, outlines some of the challenges associated with hiring candidates with MBAs, and provides some suggestions for overcoming … [ Read more ]

  5. Guide to Case Analysis
    This excellent guide from Otterbein College provides an overview of the case method. It begins with a discussion of the role that cases play in the teaching/learning process. This is followed by a series of guidelines for case analysis. After carefully reading this material, you should be prepared to tackle your first case analysis. Even if you have had previous experience with cases, this guide … [ Read more ]

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