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MBA Depot's career center is a collection of carefully selected links to the best online resources, keeping in mind the unique needs of MBAs and professional managers and executives.

In addition to these links, you will find a collection of excellent articles on topics including: resumes, interviewing, networking, internships and cover letters.

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Partner Content

Most of the content in this section are links to great sites around the Internet, but below is a list of content provided by some of our partners:

Most Recent Career Resources

  1. Résumé-Writing Tips to Help You Get Past the A.I. Gatekeepers

    More companies than ever are using software to screen their mountains of job applications. Getting seen by a human recruiter takes some effort.

  2. The 40 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview — How to Go Deeper Than “What’s the Culture Like?”
    As a candidate, prepping for a job interview can feel like a job that’s never fully done. Today we’re focusing on those moments when the interviewer turns to candidates and asks the inevitable, “Do you have any questions for me?” at the end of the interview. It's critical to come up with a slate of good questions to ask that uncover vital information about the … [ Read more ]

  3. 3 Questions Hiring Managers Want You to Answer
    Interviews have an outsize influence on whether you land the job you want. Even though your application materials reflect your lifetime of experience, a few hours of interaction with a recruiting team often ends up being the determining factor in whether you actually get hired. So, clearly you need to stand out. To do that, it helps to be mindful of what recruiters and hiring managers … [ Read more ]

  4. 5 Ways to Differentiate Your LinkedIn Profile
    William Arruda offers tips for making your LinkedIn profile stand out and attract more employers.

  5. 15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer
    Negotiating a job offer can be a stressful and unfamiliar task, but is an invaluable step in getting the salary and career you deserve. Not many people are confident enough to go through the negotiation process, especially with the lack of job offers in certain fields, but it is important to add this to your employment process so that you get the best deal. In addition to … [ Read more ]

Most Popular Career Resources

  1. Six Must-Ask Interview Questions
    Interviewing can be a gut-wrenching process. Most books on how to interview list hundreds of questions you need to be ready to answer, but few talk about the questions you need to ask. Take more control at your next interview by asking some pointed questions of your own. Here are six must-ask questions and why you should know the answers.

  2. MBA Careers
    Includes a Job Bank, Corporate Profiles, a Resume Bank, ability to post jobs, MBA resources, and selected interviews.

  3. "Tell Me About Yourself" The 25 Toughest Interview Questions (and Tips on How to Answer Them!)
    Tips on answering the 25 toughest interview questions

  4. Top 100 Recruiter Search Words
    Marc Cenedella, of, a recruiting site that specializes in jobs paying $100,000 or more, put together this list of the most popular words recruiters have searched for in the past week. The list is updated regularly, so you can check back regularly to keep on top of trends. Of course, the idea is that by including words from the list on your resume, you'll … [ Read more ]

  5. BrassRing Diversity Career Events
    BRD bills itself as the nation's leading diversity recruiting firm, assisting clients to identify, attract and hire top minority and hard-to-find candidates for a broad range of career opportunities. They sponsor Career Forums for MBAs (as well as other specialized student groups).

More Career Articles and Links

Some useful career articles and links have been added separately from the career section and are definitely worth checking out. I also list the most popular below.

  1. Three Excel Functions Every New Recruit Should Know Intimately
    Regardless of what type of organisation you work for and what type of role you have, the ability to use Microsoft Excel well makes a huge difference to both the ease and proficiency with which you are able to perform. Excel mastery comes with months if not years of daily interaction that, admittedly, may not be the norm in many jobs. However, the 80-20 rule … [ Read more ]

  2. The Case for MBAs in the Nonprofit Sector
    Only 6% of MBA graduates plan on pursuing careers in the social sector. What will it take to get more MBAs into the social sector? Is there even a demand for these types of hires? This article describes the success that two organizations have found in hiring MBAs, outlines some of the challenges associated with hiring candidates with MBAs, and provides some suggestions for overcoming … [ Read more ]

  3. $100K+ Executive Job Search: 7 New Secrets to Finding Your Next Executive Level Position in 90 Days
    $100k+ executives must shift how they approach their executive-level job search campaign.

  4. How to Market Yourself to Nonprofits
    What makes one jobseeker more appealing than another in the eyes of a nonprofit employer? This article explores some proven ways to increase your nonprofit marketability.

  5. Be Strategic Not Scattershot to Make Networking Pay Off
    Taking a scattershot approach when networking is the biggest mistake we see people make. Don’t try one mailing, one dinner, and one speech – in rapid succession – then say, “Well, those things don’t work!” Neither does joining all the area Chambers of Commerce and an alphabet soup of civic and service clubs. But strategic networking can bring in the business. Use these … [ Read more ]

  6. It's Who You Know: Networking for Jobseekers
    Networking is a strategic component of any job search. Studies have shown that networking can be 12 times more effective than answering job advertisements. This article explores some simple yet effective ways to build a robust and targeted personal network, and then leverage that network in your job search.

  7. For Interview Success Start by Asking the Right Questions
    There are three types of questions that help jobseekers gain interview advantage: - Questions to uncover the interviewer's top hiring motives - Questions to illustrate the candidate's interest and intelligence - Questions to uncover the interviewer's unspoken concerns

  8. Tips for Breaking Into and Succeeding In Management Consulting
    Short artilce on breaking into the field of management consulting.

  9. 10 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd
    Are you surprised to see how little you spend on meeting new people and re-connecting with long-time contacts? Or are you shocked to realize how much you spend and want more return on your investment? If you want to make the most of your memberships here are 10 tips. They'll help you enhance your reputation, establish your credibility, and raise your visibility.

  10. Win Your Next Job With Three Essential Interview Skills
    To get to the top of the candidate list, you'll need these three essential sales skills: 1. Pre-interview preparation 2. Finding and using the interviewer's "Hot Buttons" 3. Closing on the next step of the interview process

  11. Recurring Dreams
    A career warning sign is any change that indicates possible career disaster that could result in finding ones place in the unemployment line. While warning signs may vary according to employment situations, there are four basic warning signs that apply in most employment scenarios.

  12. Career Fairs-Your Shortcut to Job Interviews
    Three rules for making the most out of career fairs.

  13. Is It Time To Update Your Resume?
    There are four critical times to update your resume.

  14. For Best Resume Results, Choose the Right Resume Format
    Whether you are a new college graduate, a seasoned executive or career changer, your resume is a vital tool in opening doors of employment opportunity. If your resume isn't generating interviews for you, you might be using a less-than-effective resume format.

  15. Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success
    Why do people succeed? Is it because they're smart? Or are they just lucky? Neither. Analyst Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into an unmissable 3-minute slideshow on the real secrets of success.