Bill George

Bill George, like many critics, thinks that many of today’s leaders have failed us. But he has gone beyond criticism to develop a way of thinking about leadership-and what it means to be a leader today-that may be in tune with our times and the generation of leaders to come.

Editor’s Note: I’m not personally a big fan of the whole authentic leadership concept pushed … [ Read more ]

Why Didn’t the Watchdogs Bark?

Jack Coffee asks why auditors, attorneys, securities analysts, investment bankers, and government regulators have failed to keep corporations on the straight and narrow.

Out of Control?

Executive pay is often not linked to performance, says Lucian Bebchuk, who knows precisely what’s needed to bring it into line.

Henry Mintzberg

MBA programs, says Henry Mintzberg, are producing not managers but functionaries. That doesn’t bode well for either business or society.

Ken Blanchard

Twenty years and 10 million books later, The One Minute Manager keeps on ticking, along with its author, Ken Blanchard.

An Unnatural Match?

In virtually every sphere, says Andrew Hacker, women and men are moving further apart.

Worry About the Details

Charles Elson, director of the University of Delaware’s Center for Corporate Governance, is much in demand these days. Here, he talks about pay for performance, why a lot of directors won’t be returning next year, and how sniffing out fraud is like looking for ants.

Does It Pay to Be Good?

Advocates of corporate social responsibility think their time has come, but there are still cynics on all sides. ATB looks at the rise of this phenomenon and the hurdles it still has to face.

Excellence Won’t Save You

Across the Board interviews Richard Foster, co-author of the book, “Creative Destruction”, who offers up some interesting analysis and advice for companies to stay at the top of their game.