20 Critical Controls—Recommended Defenses Against Data Breaches

One way to counter IT security threats is through the 20 Critical Controls strategy. The SANS Institute, which describes itself as a cooperative research and education organization, is behind the 20 Critical Security Controls, which already is being used in government agencies and other large enterprises. The idea is to focus on the key controls that block known attacks.

7 Sins that Undermine Your Forecasts

To get your forecasts back in gear, IBM suggests avoiding seven sins that undermine your efforts.

IT Managers Become More ‘Open’-Minded

IT departments are gradually opening the door to open-source software. Companies are finding that open-source alternatives can be easier to use and more reliable than proprietary products-and major vendors are starting to get the message.

A New Approach To Integration

E-commerce requires companies to integrate processes at many levels with multiple partners.