For Sale: MBA Admissions Essays That Worked Once

For years, applicants looking to read examples of admissions essays submitted to top business schools could buy books with such names as 101 Business School (MBA) Essays That Made a Difference or 65 Successful Harvard Business School Essays. The books promised readers an inside look at what admissions officers were looking for, along with elements of a successful business school essay.

The latest player is a … [ Read more ]

Getting a Head Start on Becoming an MBA Entrepreneur

A Q&A with Timothy Faley, managing director of the Zell/Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Michigan

Employers Warm Up to Online MBAs

Online MBA programs may be losing some of the stigma they have in the marketplace, as more employers say they are increasingly open to hiring graduates of these programs.

Honesty Is the Best Policy for MBA Job Seekers

To thine own self be true, the oft-quoted William Shakespeare line, is advice that MBAs should take to heart as they undertake the job hunt. That’s the conclusion of a study by two business school professors who find that candor is the best approach job seekers can take when interviewing, even though the temptation can often be strong to misrepresent oneself to appear a stronger … [ Read more ]

The New GMAT: Questions for a Data-Rich World

This is the first in a three-part series on the new GMAT, which makes its official debut on June 5. In this article, we examine the conceptual building blocks for the test’s new Integrated Reasoning section.

MBA Programs Find Their Niche

The MBA has traditionally been known as a general management degree, but that’s starting to change as students look to get an edge in a more competitive job market. Increasingly, students are pushing aside the bread-and-butter MBA degree in favor of one with a unique specialization, like aviation or football.

B-School Gender Mix Changing, Slowly

After writing a story recently about the growing number of Chinese women interested in getting their MBAs, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what is happening with female enrollment in U.S. MBA programs.

Penn State Cracks Down on Plagiarism

At the Smeal College of Business, dozens of MBA applicants who plagiarized admissions essays on “principled leadership” were shown the door. They won’t be the last.

Winning Ideas for the Future of B-Schools

GMAC solicited ideas for transforming management education and got more than 650, including 20 winning entries. Now comes the hard part: implementing them.

More B-Schools Accepting GRE

It’s been well over a year since many top business schools started allowing applicants to submit the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admissions, and the number of schools joining this pool continues to grow, according to a new survey from Kaplan Test Prep released on Dec. 1.

Changing the World, One MBA at a Time

Groups like MBAs Without Borders give B-school graduates experience in the developing world, and just maybe a new career.

The Shorter, Faster, Cheaper MBA

Accelerated MBA programs of a year or less are gaining in popularity, but critics say they’re not right for everyone and may leave some students shortchanged.

GRE v. GMAT: Battle of the B-School Gatekeepers

With Harvard, Wharton, and other top schools planning to accept the GRE for admissions, cracks are beginning to show in the GMAT monopoly.

Women Shattering B-Schools’ Glass Ceiling

Once almost solely the province of men, the offices of business school dean are increasingly held by women.

MBA Writing Tips

At some business schools, good writing is on the curriculum.

Clearing Up an Application Blemish

What do you do if you’ve got a legal or academic problem in your past? Here’s some advice for B-school applicants

How to Go to Business School for Free

Getting a free ride at business school takes a bit of work and planning. Here are some tips to give it your best shot.

Five Ways to Ruin an Application Essay

Looking to write an application essay that will push you to the bottom of the applicant pool? Here are some good ways to do it.

China: Why Western B-Schools Are Leaving

Red tape, difficult partners, and weak demand have Western universities closing executive MBA programs.

Student Funds Get Responsible

A new breed of student-run investment funds looks for social returns along with dividends.