Andrew Hargadon

The pursuit of innovation doesn’t depend on genius. Instead, it demands ingenuity — the ability to come up with solutions that are original and clever given the constraints that you and everyone else face.


The penicillin story makes clear that the need to come up with a new and brilliant idea is often overrated. The ideas are out there, and people can see them. They just … [ Read more ]

In Search of Ingenuity

The quiet heroes of innovation do the little things that bring big ideas to life.

Editor’s Note: this article also tells the interesting story of the development of penicillin.

Together We Innovate

Geniuses are great. But bright, motivated teams are better. Unfortunately, many companies are pouring more money into generating ideas, but falling short on team-building, networking and collaboration. In a Wall Street Journal Online article, Accenture’s Robert Thomas and three noted academics dissect the problem and posit a solution.

How Breakthroughs Happen: The Surprising Truth About How Companies Innovate

Breakthrough ideas are more about networking than inspirational strokes of genius, says UC-Davis professor Hargadon. In this book he studies the genesis of big product ideas from the light bulb to biotech and finds that “technology brokering” – the combination of pieces of ideas drawn from different markets and industries – drives the innovation process that generates many breakthroughs.