Andrew Robertson, Ben Wigert

Employees must be continually “re-recruited” by their employer throughout their career. And when it’s time for an employee and employer to part ways, a great employee experience can last longer than the job. Employees should exit organizations feeling appreciated for their contributions and proud to be part of the alumni network. This can be a pivotal moment for an employment brand, because exiting employees can … [ Read more ]

Why You Need to Compete for Employees Like You Do for Customers

Employees are now consumers of the workplace. A new generation of worker expectations, greater workplace transparency and a tightening labor market have driven companies to compete for candidates just as fiercely as their products have to compete for customers.

And companies like Glassdoor make it easy to anonymously review companies and managers. That gives workers the chance to consider insider reviews about companies and job opportunities … [ Read more ]

7 Problems With Your Onboarding Program

Over the past decade, many organizations have developed onboarding programs to improve retention, engagement and their overall employee experience.

But a recent study by Gallup has found that most organizations are falling woefully short of the mark. Only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.

The consequences are significant regrettable turnover within the first year of employment and low … [ Read more ]