Sales Teams Aren’t Great at Forecasting. Here’s How to Fix That.

Though AI and other advanced technologies have been applied to improve forecasting accuracy, sales leaders still get blindsided by forecasts that turn out to be embarrassingly overinflated. That’s because the root causes of most inaccuracies are not faulty algorithms but all-too-human behavior. Here are five of the most harmful such behaviors and some techniques that can go a long way toward redesigning systems in ways … [ Read more ]

Bob Suh

History has demonstrated that the advantages of labor arbitrage seldom last forever. Moreover, plentiful labor is not a guarantee of skilled labor. Any advantage derived from labor arbitrage will ultimately be outweighed in value terms by accelerated cycle times, reduced defects and greater flexibility. This was a lesson learned by post-war Japanese manufacturers. Once they lost their status as low-cost producers, they began to reinvest … [ Read more ]