The Efficiency of Inefficiency

“Efficiency” is one of those terms everyone believes they understand but find surprisingly difficult to define…Economic efficiency is the point at which the value of the marginal product equals its price or, more generally, where the benefits from using an additional unit of resource equals the cost needed to acquire it…What of the efficiency of the two other legs of the triple bottom line, environmental … [ Read more ]

Is Environmental Management Really Strategic?

Most efforts to conflate environmental management with strategy confuse “important” with “strategic.” Environmental management is important, but it is not, in most cases, strategic.

A Government in Exile

“It is a commonplace of politics that a party that shines when functioning as the loyal opposition is frequently incapable of governing when it finally assumes power. The underlying reason, of course, is that functioning in opposition — when one is not responsible for programmatic execution and one痴 casual remarks are not likely to roil foreign relations and financial markets — requires different skills and … [ Read more ]