Creating Customer Loyalty: The Customer Loyalty Grid™

What makes a loyal customer? One who speaks loudly and with fervor about your organization, telling others how you have made a real and positive difference in their lives? In a word…expectations.

The New Accountability

The new accountability reflects the new reality…a world that is changing rapidly, where information moves at lightning speed, where shared knowledge and wisdom are the true drivers of success, and where cause and effect is not what we think it is.

The Five Key Facets of Quality Leadership

What are the key facets of quality leadership? Here are the ones that we have distilled from our research and practice … we call it the FACET Leadership Coaching Model(TM): Focus – Authenticity – Courage – Empathy – Timing

When You Lead … Do Others Follow?

Article takes a quick look at Situational Leadership (TM),
the original work of Dr. Paul Hersey and Dr. Ken Blanchard at the Centre for Leadership Studies, which identifies four possible descriptions of a leader’s style:
– Directing
– Selling
– Participating
– Delegating