Are You a Superboss? Here’s How to Tell

You’re a good boss. You care about your people. You have vision. You inspire others. But do you have what it takes to be a “superboss”?

The Power of Recognition

Effective employee recognition boosts performance—but what makes a program effective?

Your Company Has Changed,Why Hasn’t Your Board?

It shouldn’t take a governance crisis to prompt a review of board composition. As industry changes force shifts in corporate strategy, most CEOs will, at some point in their tenure, find it necessary to ask themselves whether they have the right mix of expertise, experience and business savvy to advise and challenge senior management on the path to success. A board that has served adequately, … [ Read more ]

The Buyback Bust?

Companies spend hundreds of millions on stock buyback programs that seldom achieve their intended goal.

MBA MakeOver

When the Carnegie and Ford Foundations unveiled their scathing critiques in 1959 of what was then the modern MBA degree, they made a serious impression on their intended audience. The top business schools scrambled to make the suggested changes in an effort to earn back a little respect from both businesses and critics at large.

While there has not been another formal report since the 1950s, … [ Read more ]

Doing Diversity

The question isn’t why to do it-but how. Here are a few savvy strategies that really work.

Paying More Than Lip Service to Diversity

When white male employees at Abbott Laboratories begin complaining that all the good jobs go to women, Miles White knows his diversity drive is a success.

Let There Be Light

Corporate governance experts aren’t saying who’s got the best board anymore. Instead, they’re demanding a slew of new best practices to bring directors’ behavior into the bright light of day.