Challenging Work and Corporate Responsibility Will Lure MBA Grads

A survey of 759 graduating MBAs at 11 top business schools reveals that the future business leaders rank corporate social responsibility high on their list of values, and they are willing to sacrifice a significant part of their salaries to find an employer whose thinking is in sync with their own.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Reputation Effects on MBA Job Choice

This survey of more than 800 MBAs from 11 leading North American and European schools found a substantial number were willing to forgo some financial benefits to work for an organization with a better reputation for environmental and social responsibility and ethics. The research was by David B. Montgomery of Stanford and Catherine A. Ramus of UC Santa Barbara. In the study, reputation for ethics … [ Read more ]

Study Finds MBA Graduates Seek Ethical Employers

Last week a new study furnished yet another strong argument for the “doing good is good business” crowd: corporate social responsibility may just help your human resources department snag up-and-coming MBAs without sending first-year salaries through the roof. Researchers found that a surprising number of recent business-school grads were willing to earn less to work for more socially conscious companies.