Economic Characteristics, Corporate Governance, and the Influence of Compensation Consultants on Executive Pay Levels

This study investigates the relation between the use of compensation consultants and CEO pay levels. Using new proxy statement disclosures from 2,116 companies, we examine claims that pay is higher in clients of compensation consultants, and test whether any pay differences in users and non-users of consultants are due to differences in economic or corporate governance characteristics. We find that CEO pay is generally higher … [ Read more ]

How Private Equity Investors Value Entrepreneurial Ventures

Private equities are an important and growing part of the worldwide capital markets, and include early stage investments, often backed by venture capital. In the article “Venture-Backed Private Equity Valuation and Financial Statement Information,” Professors Antonio Dávila of IESE, and George Foster and Chris Armstrong of Stanford analyze how financial statement information impacts the valuation of firms by private equity investors in the U.S. market. … [ Read more ]

After the Bubble Burst: A Groundbreaking Analysis

We are still seeking to understand the astonishing rise and then sharp fall of U.S. stock prices in 2000. The paper “U.S Public and Private Venture Capital Markets, 1998-2001,” describes what happened in a new light, by looking through the lens of underlying company financial fundamentals. The research reveals some important insights. For instance, contrary to popular belief, there was no single “bubble point” at … [ Read more ]