A Lean Approach to Change Management

Difficult economic times demand new ways of doing business. Planning is a challenge, but even greater challenges lie ahead when it is time to implement a transformative plan. Applying lean management techniques to managing change can reduce waste, increase efficiency and ensure that momentum is maintained toward a successful transformation.

Hitting Back: Strategic Responses to Low-Cost Rivals

Successful low-cost competitors don’t just sap margins incrementally. What makes them so dangerous is their ability to redefine the entire competitive landscape. The low-cost competitor transforms its value chain to reduce prices drastically. With low costs as a pivot, it shifts the ground beneath larger, less flexible opponents and turns their mass and momentum against them. Responses often come too late to be effective, and … [ Read more ]

A Blueprint to Fix IT Complexity

Many IT organizations are buckling under the pressure of corporate expectations–not because of a lack of know-how, but because of excessive complexity that has developed over time. By building an IT application blueprint, you can remain flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the business.