Employee vs. Independent Contractor: A Game of 20 Questions

The Internal Revenue Service’s 20-Factor Control Test is the most explicit in its requirements. When determining whether an individual is more appropriately classified as an employee or Independent Contractor, ask yourself the following questions.

Capitalize on the Power of Suggestion

In today’s competitive environment, a company’s ability to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and continuously innovate is vital to its success. And common sense dictates that line workers – the individuals closest to the processes, products, vendors, and customers – are in the best position to identify such opportunities.

Successful Employee Orientation (Part 3)

Employers should seize this opportunity to celebrate the arrival of their new team member and communicate that employees are their most valuable asset. These guidelines for conducting an effective corporate-level orientation will help you do just that.

Editor’s Note: contains a thoroughly useful and mostly comprehensive bullet-point list of items to cover…

Increase Your Human Capital ROI with an Alumni Network

As the concept of “lifetime employment” becomes obsolete, many organizations are finding that they have more former employees than current ones. They are also beginning to recognize the bottom-line benefits of cultivating ongoing relationships with their “alumni.”

Discipline: The Most Dreaded Management Task

Do you regard discipline and punishment as one and the same? If so, that may explain your uneasiness at the thought of disciplining employees who exhibit substandard conduct or work quality – particularly those who fail despite their best efforts.