Use these Fourteen Points to improve the quality of your data

This article (along with an earlier one by the same author) takes a look at W. Edwards Deming’s famous “14 Points”. Though focused on applying these points to data management, the discussion also serves as a good introduction for those unfamiliar with this hallmark of the TQM movement.

Use this architecture to structure your business intelligence solutions

“Despite big spending on information systems, many organizations are finding there’s still a shortage of truly useful information, due to the fragmentation of data. How can organizations resolve this ‘Information Paradox’?

Business intelligence (BI) solutions can put the information pieces back together to provide businesses with a more meaningful, complete picture. In this article, I’ll describe the conceptual architecture commonly used for BI.”

The intelligent organization: An introduction to BI

What is business intelligence (BI) and how can it benefit your organization? This article offers two examples to show how a company might use BI and then asks several questions to help you determine how well you’re putting this intelligence to work.