Volvo-Scania: Mergers and Competition Policy

Business mergers tend to have fairly dicey odds of success. Failure rates are generally reported to be roughly 50%; poor culture fit or difficulties aligning systems to create inefficiencies tend to stand out as culprits. But a closer look at the economics of mergers reveals that the motivations of corporations, among them increasing market power, can be in direct conflict with the rules … [ Read more ]

Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms

Not long ago, Monsanto offered a host of attractive products to agriculturists and multinational companies. But in the space of two years, those products became much less tempting. A surprisingly virulent anti-genetically modified organisms (GMO) campaign in Europe and the EU’s new and restrictive regulatory policy on GMOs presented Monsanto with a bleak future. Professors Olivier Cadot, Landis H. Gabel and Daniel Traça ask where … [ Read more ]

Chile: In Search of a Second Wind

What brings foreign investment to a developing country? Although political stability and a skilled workforce are always appreciated, what often clinches the deal is an incentive package that includes waivers on regulations and taxes. In this recent case study, Research Assistant Isabelle Dauner and Professors Olivier Cadot, Lourdes Casanova and Daniel Traca examine the slowdown in Chile’s rate of FDI and ask what might speed … [ Read more ]

Semiconductors: a Case for Strategic Trade

When the Semiconductor Trade Agreement was set to expire in 1996, some US industry leaders called for renewal, while their Japanese counterparts argued against it. In this case study, Professor Daniel Traca and Robert Crawford challenge you to examine the issues surrounding US-Japanese semiconductor trade and the possibility of an STA III.

It’s Out of this World! Global Expansion Comes with a Laborious Price Tag

Global expansion is normally a business tool used to perpetuate growth. However, in some cases, it can also cause problems for the economy. INSEAD Professor Daniel Traça reveals how the expansion of global trade may increase job insecurity and diminish wages. And that’s just one of his surprising findings.

Soccer Balls Made for Children by Children? Child Labor in Pakistan

The first rule of football you teach children is: “Never touch the ball with your hands.” But it seems some corporations in Pakistan forgot that rule when they hired children in their football manufacturing plants. There, it took a corporate agreement to phase out the use of child labour. Professor Olivier Cadot, Professor Daniel Traça and Robert Crawford use the international agreement, hailed as a … [ Read more ]