The Introvert’s Ultimate Guide to Networking

Don’t let your naturally quiet nature stop you from enjoying the benefits of networking. These tips will soon have you mingling like a pro.

13 Most Common Mistakes Made When Hiring

There’s little doubt that making a hiring mistake is expensive both in terms of time and money, neither of which most entrepreneurs have enough of to waste. The rub, unfortunately, is that most entrepreneurs tend to make the same hiring mistakes over and over again. Here is a list of their most common mistakes, shared by those who have learned a thing or two from … [ Read more ]

How to Read a Term Sheet

Looking for venture capital? Don’t be so quick to sign on the dotted line. Here’s what you need to know about liquidation preferences and preferred stock.

Traffic’s Up; Website’s Down

A single unexpected burst in traffic can overwhelm a website that isn’t prepared. The only way to be prepared for a sudden traffic burst is to have an immense amount of server capacity and bandwidth on tap. Now a new breed of Web hosts has emerged. They offer more capacity when needed and use so-called grid hosting, a network of formerly standalone servers that work … [ Read more ]