Top 10 U.S. Economic Items to Monitor

A controversial look at today’s economy and the issues to consider in planning for the future and for retirement.

Darrol J. Stanley

“History is economics in action,” as Karl Marx noted. Marx, who got almost everything else wrong but most likely got this right, connected economics to everyday reality.

In their famous book The Lessons of History, Will and Ariel Durant explain that economics in action is the contest among individuals, groups, classes, and states for food, fuel, materials, and economic power.

Achieving Corporate Success and Maximized Value

While the importance of stakeholders to corporate success is not a new concept, Dr. Darrol Stanley restates the significance of these stakeholders in a pragmatic way that will lead to their adoption as part of an integrated corporate strategy. He also shares ten financial drivers that a management team should focus on to enhance, if not maximize, corporate value for the long term.

Hedging Strategies for Uncertain Times

This article describes the concept of hedge funds/alternative investments, many of the different strategies they employ, and their relationship to Modern Portfolio Theory.

The Impact of Empowered Employees on Corporate Value

The global competitive environment is and will become more brutal for corporations this century. Most corporations, however, fail to recognize and empower their most important assets: employees. The hypothesis of this article is that those corporations that truly exhibit employee empowerment through emphasizing meaningful communication, willingness to serve, and common purpose will have statistically more favorable financial and/or investment results than corporations lacking employee empowerment. … [ Read more ]