The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By

What makes a great leader?

It’s a question that has been tackled by thousands. In fact, there are literally tens of thousands of leadership studies, theories, frameworks, models, and recommended best practices. But where are the clear, simple answers we need for our daily work lives? Are there any?

Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Kate Sweetman set out to answer these questions–to crack the code of leadership. … [ Read more ]

Aligning Firm, Leadership, and Personal Brand

Desiring alignment and delivering it are two different matters. We have found that the concept of a brand promotes alignment between external expectations and internal actions. In marketing terms, brand represents the expectations associated with a product or service that differentiates it from competitor offerings in the minds of customers and influences customer opinion, choice, and behavior. We can adapt this definition to define three … [ Read more ]

The HR Scorecard: Linking People, Strategy, and Performance

Providing the tools and systems required for leading a “measurement managed” HR architecture, this important book heralds the emergence of human resources as a strategic powerhouse in today’s organizations.

Three experts in the field outline a powerful measurement system that highlights the indisputable role HR can play as both a prime source of sustainable competitive advantage and a key driver of value creation. They draw from … [ Read more ]

The GE Work-Out: How to Implement GE’s Revolutionary Method for Busting Bureaucracy and Attacking Organizational Problems

Famous “Work-Out” change-management tool explained by the people who helped develop it.

GE’s legendary Work-Out program played a key role in the company’s phenomenal success over the past decade and has been implemented in many other organizations. Now three executives and consultants who developed the original Work-Out approach at GE—often working directly with CEO Jack Welch—discuss the inner workings of Work-Out and their experiences at successfully … [ Read more ]