Understanding Profitability: How Companies Can Improve Their Businesses with Profitability Analytics

Using price analytics could help companies in many industries do a better job of understanding the profitability of specific products and services. One cornerstone is ensuring the transparency of all associated costs. Price analytics also addresses areas such as organizational structure, business processes, customer segments and product characteristics.

10 Rules for Highly Effective BPM: A Manifesto for the New Economic Reality

The bedrock of the traditional management process is multi-year strategic plans, static annual budgets, quarterly forecasts, monthly reports, and—most dangerous of all—a compensation philosophy that’s as likely to reward failure as it is success. We need a new manifesto for business performance management, one that recognizes that volatility, uncertainty and risk are here to stay. And we must implement behaviors, processes, and systems that allow … [ Read more ]

CEO Perspectives: The Catch 22 of IT Cost Management

Article discusses three recent trends in managing IT within companies:
1. A move from isolating IT spending from overall business process costs.
2. Some companies are viewing IT cost management on a different basis than simply controlling the growth in absolute spending.
3. Companies are seeking to dramatically reduce the cycle time before benefits start to be realized.