Secrets of Social Media Revealed 50 Years Ago

Almost 50 years ago Ernest Dichter, the father of motivation research, did a large study of word of mouth persuasion that revealed secrets of how to use social media to build brands and businesses. The study was reported in a 1966 article in HBR.

A major Dichter finding, very relevant today, was the identification of four motivations for a person to communicate about brands.

Twelve Ways to Create Barriers to Competitors

The firms that have enjoyed years or even decades of life with no or weak competitors have created barriers that inhibit or prevent competitors from entering and becoming serious customer options. Here are some twelve routes to real barriers the last six of which involve the brand.

Strategic Marketing Management

A textbook for management or business school courses in marketing strategy, strategic planning, policy administration, and similar subjects. Also suitable as a reference for managers. Approaches strategy development from an external perspective driven by a structured analysis of customers, competitors, market trends, and the broader environment. It shows how to build on strategic analysis to create business strategies that will be relevant and compelling to … [ Read more ]

Harvard Business Review on Brand Management

With the increasing globalization of brands, effective brand management in differentiating products has become even more essential. This helpful volume provides the latest strategies for maximizing the value of your brands and products. Articles include: “Building Brands Without Mass Media” by Erich Joachimsthaler and David A. Aaker, “Brands vs. Private Labels: Fighting to Win” by John A. Quelch and David Harding, “How Do You Grow … [ Read more ]

Developing Business Strategies

“Unquestionably the most comprehensive treatment available on the subject. I found this book unique in its capacity to benefit executives, planning staff, and students of strategy alike.”– Robert L. Joss, Dean of the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Managing Brand Equity: Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name

The most important assets of any business are intangible: its company name, brands, symbols, and slogans, and their underlying associations, perceived quality, name awareness, customer base, and proprietary resources such as patents, trademarks, and channel relationships. These assets, which comprise brand equity, are a primary source of competitive advantage and future earnings, contends David Aaker, a national authority on branding. Yet, research shows that managers … [ Read more ]

Building Strong Brands

Aaker (marketing, Univ. of California- Berkeley) has written a sequel to his Managing Brand Equity (Free Pr., 1991). In this latest offering he tells how to deal with the fragmentation of markets by building brand identity, creating brand personality, and managing a brand system. With extensive case studies and illustrations of companies’ ads, he emphasizes positioning a brand personality to match that of the consumer … [ Read more ]