Which Customers Are Worth Keeping and Which Ones Aren’t? Managerial Uses of CLV

Managers have long been interested in weeding out customers they consider to be less profitable than others. The question is, how do managers determine who belongs in that group? According to several Wharton marketing professors, there is no easy answer, despite new and increasingly sophisticated efforts to measure what is called “Customer Lifetime Value” (CLV) – the present value of the likely future income stream … [ Read more ]

How Store Location and Pricing Structure Affect Shopping Behavior

discussion of a new study titled “Store Choice and Shopping Behavior: How Price Format Works.”; Research on retailing typically attributes the success of a store to its location. At the same time, marketing experts have focused a great deal of attention on the role of pricing in store performance, but without considering location. In this recent study, Bell, Ho and Tang provide managers with a … [ Read more ]