David Garvin

If organizations are ‘systems for getting work done,’ processes provide a fine-grained description of the means.

Out of the Classroom and Into the Street

Charting a new course for B-schools and MBAs.

Rethinking the MBA

David Garvin, Harvard Business School professor, explains why business education is at a crossroads. He is the coauthor of Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads.

David Garvin and Amy Edmondson

An environment that supports learning has four distinguishing characteristics: psychological safety, appreciation of differences, openness to new ideas, time for reflection.

Learning Organization Survey

This online diagnostic tool is part of a Harvard Business Review package on organizational learning aimed at helping you judge your own organization’s learning capabilities. It will help you answer key questions, including: To what extent is your unit functioning as a learning organization? and what are the relationships among the factors that affect learning in your unit?

Do You Have Change Fatigue?

Many corporate change efforts are greeted with rolling eyes from employees. Harvard Business School professors David Garvin and Rosabeth Moss Kanter help identify the keys to a successful company transformation.