Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master

This book steps into the void between cause and effect to provide the measurements required to evaluate almost every aspect of marketing and sales, including such traditional components as customer perception, product strategy, channel management, promotion, and revenue and cost structures. It also delves into such nontraditional marketing areas as customer profitability, Web metrics, and even the complexities of pricing. That last area is a … [ Read more ]

Connect the Dots

How to tie marketing metrics to financial outcomes.

Time to Reengineer Your Marketing Model

Traditional investment strategies are in trouble. Are you ready to challenge the status quo?

What Brings Them In and What Keeps Them Coming Back

Many businesses on the Internet spent wildly doing whatever it might take to attract customers to their sites. It soon became clear that the challenge was not simply to bring the customers in the door, but also to retain these customers for future purchases. The quest was on to discover what tactics had the most appeal to the Internet shopper. This study reveals survey data … [ Read more ]