Allan R. Cohen and David L. Bradford

High power makes you deaf and low power gives you laryngitis.

David L. Bradford: How Do You Manage Up in the Workplace

The co-author of Influencing Up describes how to build a more productive relationship with the boss.

Influencing Difficult Subordinates

Most of us who manage people have had difficult subordinates. Often the greater their ability, the more irritating or disruptive they may be to the work of your organization. But you can’t succeed without them, so how can you influence their behavior? Drawn from the book Influence Without Authority, this article examines the factors that affect your ability to influence subordinates, some practical approaches … [ Read more ]

Influence Without Authority

This guide by management consultant Cohen and Stanford University Graduate School of Business professor Bradford skillfully demonstrates, with numerous examples, how managers and other employees can achieve their career objectives–as well as those of their companies–by forming mutually advantageous alliances. Urging patient planning of strategies, the authors offer advice on coping with turf rivalries, handling delicate inter-level relations and tips on how to bypass rules … [ Read more ]