Opportunity On The Line

Sometimes, keeping a customer on the phone longer can mean more sales and higher profits.

A New Way Of Collaborating

Standards are being developed with which companies will create business processes.

IT Projects Under A Microscope

Companies can’t make the right decisions about which projects to green-light, expand, downsize, or cut unless they’ve put in place good processes to keep track of exactly how much they’ve invested in various deployments, how those installations are progressing, and how closely they track with strategic business goals…Portfolio-management software provides data and reports that help executives make smarter decisions.

Pinpoint Control

Tiny chips (Radio-frequency identification or RFID tags) may revolutionize all areas of supply-chain management.

The Next (Not So) Big Thing [Nanotechnology]

A good look at what the nanotechnology buzz is all about with examples of its use today and potential for tomorrow.