Identity Crisis: What Is the Corporate Center’s Role in a Globalized Business?

In a two-speed world—one speed for slow-growing, mature markets and another for rapidly developing economies—the corporate center must step up to a new role. How can companies find the right balance between autonomy and entrepreneurial drive at the local level and global platforms that drive cost and scale advantages?

Facing the China Challenge: Using an Intellectual Property Strategy to Capture Global Advantage

China is on the CEO’s agenda of virtually every global company, with a powerful concern – Intellectual Property (IP) – increasingly capturing top attention. Large sums of money and future strategic positions are at stake amidst a jungle of IP issues in China. Leading companies pursue three key IP objectives in China: defending and monetizing IP rights, influencing and monitoring the development of key standards, … [ Read more ]

Protecting Trade Secrets in China

How CEOs must build intellectual property strategies.