Is It Time To Update Your Resume?

There are four critical times to update your resume.

For Best Resume Results, Choose the Right Resume Format

Whether you are a new college graduate, a seasoned executive or career changer, your resume is a vital tool in opening doors of employment opportunity. If your resume isn’t generating interviews for you, you might be using a less-than-effective resume format.

For Interview Success Start by Asking the Right Questions

There are three types of questions that help jobseekers gain interview advantage: – Questions to uncover the interviewer’s top hiring motives – Questions to illustrate the candidate’s interest and intelligence – Questions to uncover the interviewer’s unspoken concerns

Win Your Next Job With Three Essential Interview Skills

To get to the top of the candidate list, you’ll need these three essential sales skills: 1. Pre-interview preparation 2. Finding and using the interviewer’s “Hot Buttons” 3. Closing on the next step of the interview process

Recurring Dreams

A career warning sign is any change that indicates possible career disaster that could result in finding ones place in the unemployment line. While warning signs may vary according to employment situations, there are four basic warning signs that apply in most employment scenarios.