Fons Trompenaars Interview

Fons Trompenaars is one of the world’s leading experts on cross-cultural communication and international management. Together with long-time collaborator Charles Hampden-Turner, Trompenaars developed a model of national cultures based on seven dimensions: universalism vs. particularism; individualism vs. collectivism; neutral vs. emotional; specific vs. diffuse; achievement vs. ascription; sequential vs. synchronic; and internal vs. external control.

The model, developed after extensive research across over 60 cultures and … [ Read more ]

The Indians Are Coming

How management thinkers from India are changing the face of American business.

My Coach and I

Just a few years ago, news that a CEO or senior executive was using a coach would have raised eyebrows in the boardroom. Now it is the height of corporate fashion to assign an executive coach to improve leaders’ management performance and/or overcome their personal development deficiencies.

Making Yourself Understood

“Txt msgs bad 4 corp comms. Pls rd.” Confused? So are a lot of people. Here’s what happened to good business writing.

The Cluster Effect: Can Europe Clone Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley still dominates the technology map, but European high-tech clusters are closing in.

Editor’s Note: aside from the main topic, this article offers a decent overview of the concept of technology clusters.

Flouting Conventional Wisdom

INSEAD scholars W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne say the key to success isn’t about your company or industry. It’s about smart strategic moves.

Financial Times Handbook of Management

At 1000 pages, the most comprehensive management book ever published bringing together the ideas of the best management thinkers in the world.

The Ivory Chateau

Is INSEAD the ultimate global b-school?