Getting More Value from Joint Ventures

Joint ventures can be an effective way to enter new markets, gain expertise, increase production capabilities, and expand distribution. Given these potential benefits, it’s no wonder that these partnerships have regained popularity. But despite their advantages, they often fail to deliver value. BCG’s research into what it takes to succeed revealed eight important lessons.

Special Issues in PMI: Dealing with Carve-Outs, Unions, and Other Challenges

As the economic screws tighten, acquirers are under mounting pressure to realize synergies from their targets as quickly as possible. BCG’s series of Focus Reports on postmerger integration (PMI) has already covered many of the keys to success but there are several special issues that demand careful strategic consideration. The third Focus Report in our series on PMI addresses four of these issues including carve-outs, … [ Read more ]

Eyes Wide Open: Managing the Risks of Acquisitions in Rapidly Developing Economies

The biggest challenge in creating value from cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in rapidly developing economies (RDEs) is not extracting synergies, but understanding the full spectrum of risks before the deal is closed. Based on a survey of executives with extensive experience in M&A in RDEs, this focus highlights the four main drivers of these risks and how to minimize and manage them.