Dominic Barton, Dennis Carey, and Ram Charan

The role of the board is often underplayed in discussions around talent. That’s because so many boards focus on strategy and compliance first, and limit talent discussions to the question of CEO succession and executive compensation. But CEOs running a talent-first organization must help the board see that talent is the value creator and therefore belongs at the top of its agenda. The talent-driven CEO … [ Read more ]

Asia’s Governance Challenge

Corporate governance has undoubtedly improved in Asia. Some countries-Singapore in particular-have made significant progress. The next step is to instill the new behavior, and that will take time. Many corporate leaders, investors, and regulators in Asia articulate the benefits of more effective corporate governance. But they understand that enduring reform won’t be achieved overnight and that, in the short term, many practical impediments and disincentives … [ Read more ]

Preparing for a financial crisis

Companies can do much to avoid falling victim to sudden national financial emergencies. Although the tally of such events is rising, many businesses remain unprepared for them.

How to win in a financial crisis

When is a good time to make strategic advances? During a crisis, of course.