Douglas A. Ready, Linda A. Hill, Robert J. Thomas

A strategic orientation must be balanced by ruthless operational efficiency; a sense of collectiveness must be balanced by the need for individuals to build their careers; a global perspective must be balanced by local relevance; enduring commitments must leave room for regeneration and renewal. Mastering all four of these tensions together will help your organization achieve and maintain high performance.

Leading Enterprise-Wide Change Initiatives

What can top management teams do to ensure successful large-scale transformations efforts? Early analysis of data from a major research study – the Developing Global Organizational Capability project – along with interviews with CEOs who have led successful transformation efforts suggest that top teams should implement two linked approaches simultaneously:

  1. Take the 10 steps that will bring about successful transformation.
  2. Align the 5-M’s™: meaning, mindset, mobilization,

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Developing Great Leaders

Mr. Yoshio Ishizaka, former President and CEO of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., and now Senior Managing Director at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan shares his views on the importance of developing global leadership talent. Specifically, he offers eight rules to find and groom a great global business leaders.