How to Beat Impossible Odds in Lead Generation: Make Your Offer Shine

“In an economy where only the bare essentials survive budget cuts, it’s tougher than ever to promote products or services that aren’t “mission-critical” for your audience.

But no matter how steep the odds, it’s still possible to generate surprisingly good response rates – while attracting quality leads – by making your lead-generation offer irresistible.”

8 Ways to Make Your Direct Marketing Copy Work Harder

In direct marketing campaigns – Audience is essential … Offer is Everything … Creative is merely Compulsory.

Fine. Nevertheless, Copy is still King. Here’s why: without good copy, your perfectly-targeted audience might never understand that wonderful offer of yours – or, even if they’re suitably impressed, may not summon up the energy to do anything about it.

So whether you’re penning an e-blast yourself, or reviewing … [ Read more ]