Adopting an Ecosystem View of Business Technology

To fully benefit from new business technology, CIOs need to adapt their traditional IT functions to the opportunities and challenges of emerging technology “ecosystems.” Here’s how it’s done.

Driek Desmet, Ewan Duncan, Jay Scanlan, Marc Singer

While companies often obsess about the “boxes and lines” of organizational structure, it’s more important—and significantly more difficult—to focus on processes and capabilities.

Six Building Blocks for Creating a High-Performing Digital Enterprise

Digitization affects almost everything in today’s organizations, which makes capturing its benefits uniquely complex. Here are the most important aspects that winning companies consider.

Memo to the CEO: Why We Need an Annual Report for Technology

Although most companies realize that business units and the technology organization must be much more integrated, many don’t know how to make this happen. Leaders of business units sometimes have only a vague sense of technology’s value, while technology executives often fail to address issues in terms that businesspeople find meaningful. In an imaginary memo to a CEO, a chief technology officer proposes a solution: … [ Read more ]