The Secret to a Successful Divestiture

When you are selling part of your company, don’t just offer buyers a potential asset; give them the capabilities to gain value from it.

Road Map to Relevance

How a capabilities-driven information technology strategy can help differentiate your company.

Eduardo Alvarez and Srini Raghavan

A capability is the ability to reliably and consistently deliver a specified outcome relevant to your business. This capability is ensured through a combination of processes, tools, knowledge, skills, and organization that are all focused on meeting the desired result.

Business Process Outsourcing & Offshoring

Having exploited most of the first-generation cost savings available through outsourcing, leading companies are now focusing on business model transformation. They are looking beyond IT and general and administrative (G&A) services and outsourcing processes closer to the core, including line operations, often using offshore resources. Moreover, many are exploring ways to commercialize their own world-class internal services through spin-offs and joint ventures.