Sold, But Not Forgotten

While much discussion centers on how CIOs will fare in mergers and acquisitions, their role in an ancillary event–the divestiture of a business unit–is rarely on the radar. Yet, these transactions are riddled with legal risks that can be costly if not addressed, and in the worst cases, can have serious operational impact. Early and aggressive CIO involvement is most urgent when an agreement involves … [ Read more ]

Adaptive Pricing Comes Into Focus

If there’s anything harder than deciding what to outsource, it’s negotiating a fair price.

In the past, fixed-price or cost-plus pricing models were an adequate, if imprecise, way to compensate outsourcers. But today’s competitive marketplace offers CIOs new alternatives that add flexibility and agility to these relationships. Indexed pricing, gain sharing, and capacity or utility pricing promise a stronger correlation between business results and IT-resource consumption. … [ Read more ]