“Every Crisis Begins with a Shock”

Last year, on the 100th anniversary of their book’s subject, Robert F. Bruner and Sean D. Carr published The Panic of 1907: Lessons Learned from the Market’s Perfect Storm (John Wiley & Sons). A year later, as we weather a far greater financial storm, the book’s lessons are more relevant than ever. From their analysis of one of the worst banking panics in U.S. history, … [ Read more ]

The Bright Side of Bubbles

Despite their cost, speculative bubbles may have an enormous upside, a new book argues.

Blinded by the Light

How the “halo effect” distorts our view of company performance.

A Productive Debate

Is the link between pay and productivity broken?

First, Forget What Works

The success of an innovative new business may depend on forgetting what makes the core business tick.

Two Views of Virtue

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), the idea that companies have obligations not just to their investors but also to their stakeholders, society, and the environment, is hot. What does the sound and fury over CSR signify? Does it truly herald a sea-change in corporate priorities? Two experts, Steven D. Lydenberg and David Vogel, who published books on the subject in 2005 offer very different answers to … [ Read more ]

Avoiding Decision Traps

Cognitive biases and mental shortcuts can lead managers into costly errors of judgment.

Watch How You Think

Insights from behavioral finance could change the way companies approach mergers and acquisitions.

The Deal, Unlocked

A controversial Delaware Supreme Court decision knocks down a tactic for sealing a merger agreement.

Will Real Options Take Root?

Why companies have been slow to adopt the valuation technique.

Art of the Auction

Soliciting bids is an effective way to sell a business — but review your strategy first.

Working on the Chain

With profits down and perils up, companies are focusing on supply-chain management.

Darkness Before The Dawn

Strategist Michael Porter tells why Japan’s economic sun has set, and how it can rise again.